Welcome Eton, Odd Molly and more

Aino is expanding their e-commerce portfolio with several new clients. During 2020, they will create new digital brand experiences for Eton, Odd Molly, All Blues and Hunkydory.

It feels great to get the chance to put our hard work into good use together with some of the biggest and most respected fashion brands in Sweden. We will continue to pursue perfection for our new clients and use our unique combination of design & tech skills to raise the bar even further.

Aino will be expanding their partnership with Centra as a baseline commerce platform and the frontend will be pushing extreme performance using serverless technology and static deployments with Ensemble.

This time we will be focusing even more on emotional touchpoints, design and overall brand experience. During the last 18 months we have developed smart technology that scales static serverless infrastructure into global e-commerce without latency, and now we can really make things magical when we paint pixel-perfect interfaces and smart UX on top.

Stay tuned!

Press contact
David Hellsing
0735 458 432